Exposing your fears, anxiety, shame, and despair

Taken from the book "The shame factor" by Stephan B Poulter PHD

Emotional blind spots.jpg

What drives your need to control people, events and things that are not in your control?



What is one of your unspoken fears?



What is one of your shame fears?



What makes you anxious?



Do your loved one know about your anxiety, fears and shame?



Do you consider yourself hyper vigilant? (always focusing on possible disasters or feelings of impending doom?



What emotions, situations and circumstances do you actively avoid?



How do you manage your fears and concerns about the future?



What do you actively avoid for fear of feeling dis-ease?



Do you avoid conversations or relationship issues that might require a confrontation?



How were conflicts and difficult situations handled in your childhood?



How do you and your partner handle disagreements?



Do you allow important people in your life to express their feeling to you?



What is on thing, issue, behavior, or action that you are embarrassed about?



Who in your life knows your private self? (Your unspoken fears, shame and trauma?



Do you allow yourself to be completely honest, transparent and vulnerable with anyone in your life?



Do you fear death?



Have you ever had a panic attack?



Do people consider you an anxious controlling person?



Do you consider yourself an uptight, nervous, or tightly wrapped person?



Can you relax and disengage from your life, technology, and work?



Who or what scares you?



What is one thing, issue or concern about yourself that you avoid, deny, and have amnesia about?


 Stephan B Poulter PHD