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There are many things I don’t understand, “Why the water in the ocean only comes on the shore when clearly it could cover the entire world in its grasps. Why the wind blows so many ways gentle enough you can barely feel it, yet strong enough it can cause destruction where ever it decides to pass. How water can be liquid, steam and ice.

Yet I have experienced each one, I know the terror of a demon and the power it possesses, what hell feels and looks like, what a Satanist can and cannot do his strength given by the master himself. I know what it’s like to have followers bend to my every whim, and woman do what I told them to do without a thought.

Something else I don’t understand why Christians and their churches celebrate the most wicked of days found on a calendar All Hallows eve. It’s the day human sacrifices are made, Children, girls and animals give their lives for the sake of pleasing a spirit who couldn’t care less if you believe in him or not. Ought not Christians be different? Ought not we be distinct, separate, not the same, out of the ordinary, unusual? Christ was distinct, separate, out of the ordinary, and he called his followers to be like him.

The Biblical word "holy" describes the contemporary word "different". A holy person is not an odd person, but a different person. A holy person has a quality about their life that is unique. Their present lifestyle is not only changed from past lifestyles but is set apart from the lifestyles of the unbelievers around them. A holy person takes Jesus Christ seriously.

Believers in Christ have been called to live this unique life and different lifestyle. Peter wrote, "But, as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, 'Be holy, because I am holy'" (1 Peter 1:15-16). Actually, "called" may be too passive a word. We have been commanded to live a holy life - "energetic and blazing with holiness" - as Eugene Petersen described this life in The Message. Someone once said, "We may choose a married life or a single life, but it is not left to us to choose whether or not we live a holy life." Holiness is not an option. It is mandatory. The Old Testament God spoke about when you practice witchcraft, when you practice séance, when you practice voodoo, when you practice, worship idols and stuff like that – even just paraphrasing what God said, God said you can just curse your family three to four generations. If are acting like the world we live in how can being a Christian be anything different? It’s not because people will say “Hey, I’ll go to church because I can do, speak and act as I want, and no one will tell me different. The world has entered the church and in many ways the church is no different than your local country club, and no one can tell the difference in atmosphere one from another.

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