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My name is Chaplain Mark, and I am an counselor with 15 years of experience helping children and families. (Did you just die of boredom? Me too. Next!)

I attended the University of Fancy pants, where I was a Dean’s List Scholar. I have won several prestigious awards in my field, including the coveted Fancy pants Therapist Forever award, and you can find a complete list of my 258 peer-reviewed articles below. (NOPE! NEXT!)

I use CBT to treat GAD and DBT to treat BPD and ACT to treat ADHD.

(Ohhh…bummer, I actually need an English-speaking therapist. Next!)

In my face-to-face and online therapy practice, I do not treat my clients as manifestations of mental illnesses in need of medical fixing. No one is merely a case of bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive, or a paranoid schizophrenic. 

   In my view, formal diagnostic categories hold some value in terms of contextual information, but they play as much less important role than the specific personal circumstances of a given client. If you are a client, you are first and foremost a specific, unique individual. I speak in plan English, not in diagnostic, cold clinical mumbo jumbo. I want you to be comfortable.

 I encourage you to write down any questions you have, and so we can discuss them in your session.  I'm not going to get pissed off if your complaining all the time, that's what I'm here for. You come to my office to complain if you need to, cry, scream if you need to, I had a client throw themselves on the floor and say, "Today was horrible".

I cannot diagnose (I am not a Dr.) - But I can assess and make suggestions to you and your Dr. 

What's the difference? - 

Diagnosis is the identification and naming of a disease, illness or condition. It is commonly acknowledged that diagnosis is the hardest part of medicine. In the United States only a licensed medical professional is legally allowed to make a diagnosis.

Assessment, on the other hand, is an evaluation made by a healthcare provider to make an informed decision on whether or not to provide service, and if yes, what approach to take.

I am a Chaplain

I am a first responder of the spiritual world.

I am a messenger and a professional.

I will never disrespect another's faith.

I will always maintain faith, practice, and my beliefs.

I am guardian of religious freedom and the virtuous way of life.

I stand ready to minister, care, and provide for those in need.

I will witness God’s blessing through crisis situations as I walk alongside people in times of great transition.

I am prepared to show the forgiving love and redeeming power of God to all people confronted with crisis.

I am prepared to give the best of my concern and skills to those I serve.

I will recognize my dependence upon God and pray for strength, direction, and wisdom.

I will trust God to guide me through both the stable periods of my life and through the periods of crisis.