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Welcome to Breaking the Links Ministry. My job, as a Behavioral Health Counselor, is to help you discover your needs and desires to help you heal.  I also offer support during the process of healing and growth. My philosophy is a Biblical approach that will help you to discover the story your life. We will work together to discover the best ways for you to find answers and reasons that brought you to me. Let me help you to rewrite your story.

Having said that, I am a Chaplain, and generally, I counsel from a Christian perspective.  I will respect the wishes of each client who comes in my door whether they would like me to work from a Christian worldview or simply a neutral perspective.   Regardless, I look forward to walking through your story and helping you heal as we do.




Adolescent/Childhood behaviors



Blended families

Couple/marital relationships   

Family, Parent and Child issues


Mood (Depression, bipolar, disruptive, etc.)

Religious/Spirituality issues

Service Members concerns (EMT, Firefighters, Military, Police, Veterans)

Stress Management

Trauma (including post traumatic stress and military/combat stress)

Ages served:

Children (6-10 years old)

Adolescents (11-19 years old)

Adults (20-65 years old)

Seniors (66+ years old)

Attention: There is a $20.00 donation fee, for any appointment booked and not cancelled within 12 hours. 

 (Donations go to a benevolent account to help people in the Sparta & surrounding community’s).