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The diffrence between mom & dad

5 Warning signs your child is being bullied at school.

Study questions the long-term use of drugs for ADHD
A study tracked 500 children with ADHD from childhood to adulthood, and found that long-term use of stimulant medication did not lead to long-term reduction of the symptoms of ADHD. But the drugs did have one notable effect: the people on them had "suppressed growth," and on average were ½ inch shorter than their non-drug taking peers.

   Four Reasons children misbehave

  1. 1) Attention: Usually doesn't matter if it's positive or negative.
  2. 2) Power and Control: Give them Choices. Ex. You can choose to or You may choose.
  3. 3) Revenge (usually happens in the 5 and up range). You won't let me do this or that so I'll get even

4) Display of emotions: Feeling of being inadequate

Add/adhd children and sports

It’s not always easy for children with ADHD to get involved.

For many children with ADHD, the most formidable opponents on the playing field are themselves. Because structure, order and lack of distraction are the keys to sports success, the very issues that plague them in the classroom may get magnified on the playing field.

Additionally, ADHD frequently co-occurs with learning disabilities that affect organization, spatial awareness, and game concepts and strategies. So besides distractibility, other factors that hamper sports success for many kids with ADHD are:

  • Difficulty following directions. Attention deficit children often want to skip the instructions and jump right into the game or activity.

  • Impulsivity. Because kids with ADHD often act before thinking, they’re quick to operate on instinct rather than employ strategies and rules that are part of the sport. They also may have difficulty waiting their turn and standing in line, especially during practice.

  • Inattention. Sports such as baseball that require the child to pay at least moderate attention during periods in which they not fully engaged in the game are particularly challenging. Kids with ADHD often are caught daydreaming or fooling around during low action intervals.

  • Low frustration tolerance. Losing is especially difficult for kids with ADHD, and may give rise to tantrums, rages, and other inappropriate or even physically aggressive behaviors.