Breaking the Links Ministry

About this Ministry

   Breaking the links is a counseling ministry that helps people heal the wounds of the past, wounds of a relationship that has gone sour,, It's about parents who are at their wits end with their children, It's about the shame in your life, the emotions and feelings, the humiliation, the fear that you aren't good enough that you are unworthy of love.

    Thinking you "thought you were better then that, I'm a complete failure! Adam and Eve felt no shame even though they were fully exposed to each other. In relationships, in marriage we are totally exposed to each other we don't have the need to hide who we are to our partners. And in that we often expose our shame. 

   So what are we suppose to do? I'm glad you asked, 

  We need to own it -> repent of it (psalm 51:3-4)  -> grieve/ cost (2 corn.5;21; 1 John 2:1-2) ->. Exchange it not just once but over and over and over.

Forgiveness is part of healing - part of living life with another person - Part of being human. Breaking the links will teach that and more. 

   Do you need help? Are you ready to give up on things the way you are currently doing them? Want to learn a new way of life? Lets talk/ 

The Counselor’s Prayer

  Lord let me always remember that it is you who give beauty and health to all of life. Grant me the vision to recognize your beauty in all of those I meet. Give me the words to help my clients see the beauty and potential healing within themselves, and share with me the skill to let that beauty and radiant health shine.

  Keep me mindful of the fact that my connection with my client begins long before they leave home to come to me. Let me remember that they are on their way to me and let me prepare a proper welcome for their arrival.

 I know that listening is a great gift, but there is one greater, healing! Help me still my busy mind, to hear my client’s deepest questions and concerns. By my response, let my client know that I have listened and heard, let them know that I have fulfilled their highest expectation.

 Flow through me that my hands will always touch every individual with respect. Let my client feel my confidence based on experience, gentleness based on caring, and healing based on the spirit of our professional relationship.

   Grant me the wisdom to turn my client’s every visit into an experience. Let me always treat them as they wish to be treated. Let me serve as if they were the only person in my life. Remind me that for the time we are together, that that is the truth.

 Grant me the courage to send my client back into life with the knowledge, the guidance, and the inspiration they need to continue their ongoing radiant health. Let my service go with them until we meet again, for only then will I be worthy of my reward.

 Through your grace let me touch not only the outside of my client but the mind, soul and spirit as well, for only then will I be a “True Biblical Counselor.”